Myths and Facts about Sex Toys

The woman has a lot of erogenous giving birth to love zones concentrated in close proximity to the genitals, as well as in them. Point G has many names: “the twelve o’clock area “, “internal trigger”, “Grafenberg spot” or “the G-region”. Perhaps its sensitivity is due to the passage of nerves from the clitoris to the spinal cord. Other reasons are possible, but the main thing is to correctly find and excite her.

Its size is from ten kopecks to a five-ruble coin. It is located behind the pubic bone, which you can easily find – this is the place of hair growth. To search for a woman, it is best to lie on your back with your legs apart and the man to sit next to you. Now imagine that there is a dial around the vagina. The G region is located deep in the vaginal wall, …