Party Ideas: Here are some reasons you can use why you should throw parties

There are so many different reasons to throw a party. And even if there weren’t any, you could make them up! If you are looking for party guides and ways to make it special, you’re in the right place. 


Let’s take a look at throwing a party guide and see all the reasons that may be enough for you to enjoy the time with your friends and family. 

Someone Got a Raise or Long Vacation

Getting a promotion or a raise is an excellent reason to throw a party. You will get extra money in your pocket, and progressing in your career is always a good thing, especially if you enjoy your job. But even if you don’t, throwing a party with your coworkers will keep your mind off work, and you’ll be able to celebrate the event with your friends. 


Since we are on work-related things,


For men: Next level solo play

Everyone knows how to masturbate, but taking it to the next level can be so much fun. Let’s talk about ways to improve your solo sex life and spice things up a bit.


There are two types of men — those who masturbate and others who lie about not doing it. Masturbation is fun. It’s probably the most fun you can have by yourself. The best thing about it is that everyone does it. It doesn’t matter how old a guy is — he loves playing with his penis.

It is perfectly normal. By playing with yourself, you release sexual tension, sleep better, and feel more relaxed. It’s a win-win situation between you and your penis. While some people used to claim that you would go blind if you touched yourself, the truth is that we’d be bumping into each other for ages. No one on the planet


How To Host A Sex Party

1. Curate Your Guest List. Couples tend to be the focus of play events so you’re going to want to look through your 3nder matches for those who you feel would be down for a little rendezvous (for those unaware, 3nder is kind of like the Tinder for threesomes and moresomes). If you’re already coupled, you’ll have an easier time recruiting others to join you. If you’re not, you’re going to have better luck if you’re a single woman (a.k.a. the unicorn to many), than if you’re a single man, unless of course you’re bi and you’re manliness hovers around alpha level, in which case, you’re gonna have a lot of fun.

When choosing guests, consider your guy to girl ratio if the majority of your male guests are straight. Being in a situation with too many men tends to turn off the heteronorms, so plan for more females to …


The Art Of Creating A DIY Penis Cake For Your Bachelorette Party!

As I collect research for my Bachelorette Party book I spent yesterday researching what information was out there on the do-it-yourself Penis Cake. Of course, the world wide web spits up several sites when I typed “penis cake” in the subject line…but each entry had a FATAL FLAW…see below:

If you want instructions of how to make an “Ace of Cakes” style Penis Cake you can watch a British Buxom Blonde give you step-by-step instruction on youtube (video below). The main problem here is that she makes the friggen cake from scratch and tops it with fondant…FONDANT! For some reason, even if I could get past the fact that she didn’t use a Duncan Hines mix, when she pulled out the fondant I started to hate her. Her finished cake is perfection…and I DO agree the friggen FONDANT does look like very realistic skin…but come on! And P.S. …


How To Throw A Stellar Sex-Themed Party

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, I threw a pretty fire party this past weekend in celebration of the relaunch of my blog. My goal for the evening was to create a sex-positive, kink-positive and queer-focused event in Hamilton, Ontario; a city that doesn’t have a lot going on when it comes to openness or sexuality. I knew I needed to pull out all the stops to make to make the night one attendee would never forget. Gearing up to plan my event, I tried to research sex-themed events and sex decorations for inspiration. You’d think there would be at least a couple examples from sex toy launches or porn PR parties, no? Alas, I couldn’t find much more than the average “same penis forever” bachelorette sign. And who can forget the penis cake pans and penis straws? Penis, penis, penis!

Beyond the aggressive hetero & cis normative party supplies, …


Top Anal Toys Everyone Should Have

The use of anal toys is well suited to sexual fantasies that have to do with the back of the body: anal sex, fetish in connection with buttocks, sado-masochism or erotic enema. Even if you are a beginner, you can indulge in one of the classic anal toys in the category of anal vibrators or anal dildos.

One of the main concerns related to anal sex is good lubrication before intercourse, and we help you with the wide range of anal lubricants available in our store. We advise you to buy a lubricant along with your new anal toy to allow a comfortable fit and a satisfying experience.

In the collection of toys you will find:

  • Anal vibrators, either in the form of a penis or a cone, which facilitates penetration, anal dildos in the most varied forms and provided with the majority with a wide base, to facilitate the

Using Anal Toys with Butt Plug: How to choose the right one

This intimate fun is not large, it does not have a built-in motor, it does not have several vibration modes, and however, despite the absence of any bright merits, it is in demand among both men and women. Most often, the ever-attractive anal plugs are used to stimulate the sensitive areas of the anus, as well as to enhance the sensations of traditional sex by expanding the anus and at the same time narrowing the vagina. People often wear such “decorations” in everyday life, for which they buy traffic jams with decorative decorations.

Anal Vibrator without vibration

The familiar intercourse to everyone, during which the male genitalia are active in the female genitalia, does not always evoke equally enthusiastic emotions among the participants. Due to the anatomical structure or for some other reasons, the woman’s vagina may not be as elastic as we would like, and its sensitivity may not …


Penis Cakes And A LOT More!

When did penis 4th of July cakes become a thing?

When I think of the 4th of July, I think of picnics, fireworks, parades, and barbecue. But what I don’t think about? Penises.

Apparently, I’m alone in this, as 4th of July penis cakes appear to be as much a part of the holiday as drinking too much beer and buying illegal fireworks.

I get rockets can be a euphemism for the penis, like in the phrase, “I’ve got a rocket in my pocket,” and that there are times that a penis can cause one to feel many explosions. There’s the symbol of fireworks exploding to represent reaching climax, but again, what do dogs have to do with Independence Day?


You might say that the baker or cake decorator wasn’t trying to make penises, and that they were going for rockets. But they don’t look that much like a …


Spice, Sex, and Censorship

Is variety the spice of life?

That’s the question I can’t resist asking Amanda Bevill, owner of World Spice Merchants, minutes after meeting her. “It’s not just variety, but also possibility and adventure,” she replies, adding, “Cooking with spices is about the possibility of what’s out there, the unknown—it keeps people interested in food.”

The temptation of spice seems limitless. “When you think about the age of exploration [and] people sailing off to the edge of the earth, a big part of what they were looking for was spices,” marvels Bevill.

Indeed, the quest for seeds and powders and such led explorers and traders to the farthest of destinations, circumnavigating the globe, from Magellan’s search for the Spice Islands (to find cloves) to Columbus’ “discovery” of the New World (to procure peppers). And for what purpose? Spices were a magical ingredient of food and drinks, but their use as aphrodisiacs, …


Myths and Facts about Sex Toys

The woman has a lot of erogenous giving birth to love zones concentrated in close proximity to the genitals, as well as in them. Point G has many names: “the twelve o’clock area “, “internal trigger”, “Grafenberg spot” or “the G-region”. Perhaps its sensitivity is due to the passage of nerves from the clitoris to the spinal cord. Other reasons are possible, but the main thing is to correctly find and excite her.

Its size is from ten kopecks to a five-ruble coin. It is located behind the pubic bone, which you can easily find – this is the place of hair growth. To search for a woman, it is best to lie on your back with your legs apart and the man to sit next to you. Now imagine that there is a dial around the vagina. The G region is located deep in the vaginal wall, …