Myths and Facts about Sex Toys

The woman has a lot of erogenous giving birth to love zones concentrated in close proximity to the genitals, as well as in them. Point G has many names: “the twelve o’clock area “, “internal trigger”, “Grafenberg spot” or “the G-region”. Perhaps its sensitivity is due to the passage of nerves from the clitoris to the spinal cord. Other reasons are possible, but the main thing is to correctly find and excite her.

Its size is from ten kopecks to a five-ruble coin. It is located behind the pubic bone, which you can easily find – this is the place of hair growth. To search for a woman, it is best to lie on your back with your legs apart and the man to sit next to you. Now imagine that there is a dial around the vagina. The G region is located deep in the vaginal wall, approximately one phalanx of the finger deep into the position of twelve hours. Sometimes it is slightly shifted to eleven or one o’clock. But, regardless of the reasons, the localization of the internal trigger area at the 12 o’clock position in the upper wall of the vagina is important for women and for men who want to give them pleasure. So you can imagine that for women there is a huge history of sex toys.

As long as a man has hands, he is not impotent!

In the normal state of finding a magic-point is not easy. To do this, a woman must admit to her a man, and he must be patient and attentive. Men, remember that you need to start the search without foreplay, while the hands of men must be clean and warm. The entire body of a woman, from crown to heels, deserves gentle touches and for finding the magic point men need to be gentle and affectionate.

The best time to search is right after the female orgasm. You can find the area G and before orgasm if a man caresses the clitoris with a finger or mouth. At these moments, it is enlarged and quite sensitive. The degree of pressure on the area must be adjusted based on the feelings of the woman.

What is it for?

If a man is an experienced lover and wants to bring pleasure to a woman, he will not turn away from the wall and fall asleep after the man’s strength runs out.  Instead, he can gently stroke the area G with one or two fingers and press it with a frequency of about one per second, a woman can get excited and get a full orgasm. If a woman is lying on her stomach, she simultaneously with the caresses of the magic point, can caress her clitoris herself. For those who only with the help of the caress of the clitoris can get an orgasm, this posture with double stimulation can deliver the highest pleasure.

Men do not lose on this either. Experienced lovers know that the more a woman is given, the more one can get from a woman: as a result, both women will receive pleasure from the caress of the magic point. What is worth only the visualization of the female orgasm!

Can a man see a female orgasm?

If a man did everything right and found a magic point, then he was lucky. He can feel and see the female orgasm: one of the most exciting spectacles that exist in nature. How to do it?

It is necessary, to begin with preliminary caresses. Only after them the woman should lie on her back, spread her legs, and slightly bend them in the knees. In this position, you need to allow the man to insert his fingers into the vagina and move them up and down, back and forth, or stimulate the region G with the index or middle finger, and caress the clitoris with the big one. After a few minutes – each woman has a different time – the man will feel contractions of deeper muscles than those near the surface. Their contractions begin at the first orgasm. Internal contractions include deep pelvic muscles. Contractions of these muscles last longer and give pleasure to the woman.

When orgasm occurs, the vagina straightens – it increases from behind and slightly rises up into the body. This moment you can see. The finger inserted into the vagina feels this as relaxation and retraction.

When the orgasm comes, the vagina will respond to the stimulating finger with a pushing movement. When you feel these extrusions, the woman begins deep pelvic contractions, which can mean the beginning of an orgasm. But in order to see and feel all this, a woman should feel comfortable together with a man in the same bed. For such exercises you need to grow: there should be no compulsion from the man.

Can a woman help herself?

Whenever the male partner is in chastity to prevent sex scandals, a woman can examine her body, and then it is quite possible to find such an area. Usually, a woman can easily feel for herself in the depths of the vagina, which is particularly sensitive, and then ease the search for a beloved man. Search and stimulation is better to start in a warm bath or shower. She needs to know that the pressure on the G area can first cause discomfort. There may be urging to urination. This does not mean that we should stop caressing this area. You just need to ease the pressure and choose the rhythm and pace. After a minute, another continuous stimulation of the clitoris and the G area is easy to give light discomfort to pleasure.

The clitoris is a female sexual organ consisting of erectile tissue and a reduced analogue of the male penis. This organ swells when excited and is intended solely for pleasure.

Stimulation of the clitoris is an important element of a love game, in which 90% of women reach orgasm. No less important is the stimulation directly during the proximity, but, you see, this area is not always given due attention.

A clitoral stimulator is a product designed to stimulate the clitoral zone. Regardless of the complexity of the product, its shape and size, all clitoral stimulants play the role of a kind of simulators, manipulations that allow you to study your own sexual reactions, to realize the most incredible sexual fantasies, to use them in sexual games with a partner. The product is equipped with a shocking vibrator, which is controlled by a special remote control panel. The product may have special devices for fixing it in the area of the clitoris it can be either rubber bands or special panties.

Application tips

A product made of any material when first used or transferred to another person must be treated with an antiseptic and washed with warm water and soap, avoiding ingress of water into the electrical part of the product. Before use, the product must be treated with any intimate water-based lubricant or other compatible with this material, which will avoid discomfort during use, as well as reduce the risk of injury the occurrence of abrasions and micro traumas of the mucous membrane.

After use, the product must be treated with warm water and soap, avoiding the ingress of water into the electrical part of the product. Do not use as a lubricant is not intended specifically for this substance, it can damage both the material from which the product is made and your health. In any store “sex”, as well as in pharmacies, you will find a wide range of intimate lubricants, as well as lubricants designed specifically for anal sex.

Types of clitoral stimulants:

With anal stimulant: The product is equipped with a special process designed to stimulate erogenous zones located around the anus. The scion has a “ridge”, so that it bends and keeps the slope, which will be convenient for you. To give the desired shape, you just need to gently bend it as much as you find it convenient. After use, you can return it to its original form.

 With stimulator zone “G”. This model of the clitoral stimulator has a special process designed to stimulate the vaginal zone, it has a curved shape, especially for stimulating the G point, which is one of the most powerful erogenous zones of the female body. It is located between the pubic bone and the cervix, contains a large number of blood vessels and nerve endings. When the G-spot is stimulated, its surrounding nerve endings send impulses to the brain that block pain and enhance pleasant sensations during sex. For some women, stimulation of the “G” point is enough to achieve a strong orgasm.