Our Authors

Hilda Whales

Hilda went from baking regular cakes and pastries to naughty-themed baked goods. At age 32, she realized that adult parties do not need to be boring. Adults deserve some good pastries, but it must match every theme of every bachelor’s and bachelorette’s party. Hence, she started using her imagination to mold dick-shaped cake lollipops, boob cakes, and clitoris cupcakes, to name a few.

On sweetinspirationbakery.com, she shares some recipes, guides, party inspirations, and other ways to elevate your adult parties!


Amanda Wheeler

Amanda is your party girl! With over 10 years of experience organizing events and parties, her credentials are a perfect match for sweetinspirationbakery.com. While she does not really bake, she knows what a good party looks like, and that’s a party that has amazing adult-themed cakes and pastries!

On sweetinspirationbakery.com, she shares useful guidelines on how to throw an epic adult party for your friends!


Claire Finn

Claire is our resident sex guru. She brings 6 years of sex advice experience and incorporates how sweetinspirationbakery.com can be a guide to ignite a spark among lovers.

She shares articles and videos on how to use cake pops while doing foreplay, how baking can be a great pre-game for sex, and how couples can use sweetinspirationbakery.com as an activity to plan their sexy times.