Using Anal Toys with Butt Plug: How to choose the right one

This intimate fun is not large, it does not have a built-in motor, it does not have several vibration modes, and however, despite the absence of any bright merits, it is in demand among both men and women. Most often, the ever-attractive anal plugs are used to stimulate the sensitive areas of the anus, as well as to enhance the sensations of traditional sex by expanding the anus and at the same time narrowing the vagina. People often wear such “decorations” in everyday life, for which they buy traffic jams with decorative decorations.

Anal Vibrator without vibration

The familiar intercourse to everyone, during which the male genitalia are active in the female genitalia, does not always evoke equally enthusiastic emotions among the participants. Due to the anatomical structure or for some other reasons, the woman’s vagina may not be as elastic as we would like, and its sensitivity may not be at its best. Big butt plug is the simplest and most affordable means by which you can narrow the vaginal walls, making it more elastic, and connecting those zones that the partner’s member hasn’t touched before.

Having begun to use anal dilators in love games and sometimes just for the sake of self-satisfaction, it is difficult to refuse such pleasure later. At first, young girls and men starting to get acquainted with the “non-traditional” side of their sexuality and use thin products with a base diameter of up to 3 cm, then in the future, when the muscles of the hole are stretched, another anal plug can be acquired, of more impressive size.

Unfettered, always ready for experiments, familiar with the assortment of sex shops, people conceive not only buy anal-plug, but a real toy, which later takes the most active part in role-playing performances. An anal plug with a tail can serve as a vivid example of such a stimulator – a very funny thing, the demand for which always remains steadily high. If you need to please your partner with an unusual surprise, you can purchase from an online sex shop like Loveplugs a cork with rhinestone on the basis – such a gift is perceived as a jewel, and will be assessed accordingly.

Regardless of whether you need a butt plug large or small, for intimate games or individual use, please contact us – we have a wide selection of high-quality erotic products. Anal sex toys are simply in great demand among buyers of sex shops, which suggests that the topic of anal sex has ceased to be tabooed and attracts an increasing number of fans. From now on, anal stimulation is not a shameful occupation, but a vivid sexual practice aimed at obtaining new sensations during sex and maximum pleasure.

All sorts of stimulants are used by couples to prepare and relax muscles before anal sex, while plugs and sleeves are used to wear and brighten intimate relationships. Inflatable anal toys can also be used to prepare for sex, but for lovers of giants for fisting, only good lubrication will be enough.

Online shop offers a wide range of anal stimulants. They offer every buyer fast and anonymous delivery throughout the country. Butt plug is a popular sex toy that can be used both individually and with a partner. With its help, you can significantly diversify the sexual life, enhance sensations. Butt plug with a tail is in special demand. It stimulates the nerve endings of the anus and improves blood circulation. Moreover, such a stimulant looks spectacular.

Butt plug in the form of a tail: what is it for?

Such stylish and elegant plugs will give you an unforgettable pleasure. They are used for various purposes:

  • Preparing for unconventional sex;
  • Double stimulation during anal and vaginal sex – there is a feeling that the vagina has become narrower, and it gives a thrill to both partners;
  • Stimulation of the prostate in men, prevention of prostatitis and improvement of the process of sperm production.
  • Plagias are also used for the prevention of hemorrhoids, as they train the muscles of the anus, make its walls more elastic, and prevent blood stasis.

In addition, the this devilish anal plug is recommended for women after childbirth, as they provide an opportunity to narrow the vagina. They will help prepare for childbirth, reduce pain. There are various sizes of products – from 2 to 5 centimeters in diameter. If you have just started practicing such contact, it is better to get a narrower stimulator, and then, when you develop the anus, go for wide plugs.

What type of lube to use with butt plugs? Butt plugs are universal; they can be used by both women and men. If you set a goal to stimulate the work of the prostate, it is more rational to get a curved stimulator. Lubes you use in your Playboy-themed kegel balls and yoni eggs for modern yoga can also be used on butt plugs.

Features of foxes

It stimulants with a elegant tail, comfortable and attractive in appearance. It is made from high quality materials that do not cause allergies and do not emit toxins. Options – various: silicone, rubber, metal, glass and even wood.